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2016 wrap up / 2017 Preview

We are approaching the end of the year, a good moment to reflect on what we have achieved in 2016. We are pleased to report that it has been a successful year for Arcomet, in which we have doubled our crane production compared to 2015. The A47 Eco City, which was launched at Matexpo 2015, is running extremely well, and next year we plan to bring a new, even bigger self erector onto the market.

Arcomet manufactures cranes for our own rental fleet and for our customers. In 2016 we invested 21% of our total production in the belgian rental fleet and 14% in Germany. The remaining 65% were sold following the high demand for cranes in the markets where we are active.

For 2017 we plan that 24% of our total production will be invested in the rental fleet in Belgium. 18% will be used to reinforce the rental fleet in Germany. The remaining 58% will be sold. In the belgian rental fleet we are adding T33 Eco City, A40 Eco City and A47 Eco City. For the Germany rental fleet, it will be A40 Eco City and A47 Eco City. These cranes will contribute to the renewal of our fleet and our strategic vision to invest in bigger self erecting cranes.

In 2016 we also invested in our tower crane rental fleet and this specifically in Germany. In this market, we added a series of Terex CTT121A-5 and CTT162-8 cranes in order to support the current growth in the Germany market.

In 2017, we will continue to invest in tower cranes in both Belgium and Germany, as part of our strategic action plan to renew our fleet. In the UK, where we have recently set up a joint venture, we plan replacement investment in luffing jib cranes. Arcomet stays true to the dual brand strategy and will continue to invest in a mix of Terex and Potain cranes from 120 tm up to 400 tm. We go for those models that bring the maximum return in their class for the end user.

In 2016, Arcomet celebrated its 60th anniversary. This is a milestone we have reached thanks to the continuous support of our customers and partners. We would like to thank you all and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great start for 2017.