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Girls of Handball Team Overpelt are competing in Swedish tournament in Arcomet outfit.

Arcomet and its Swedish customer Stavdal have sponsored handball club DHC Overpelt's girls youth team during the Partille Cup in Gothenburg (Sweden) from July 4 - July 9.

Partille Cup is the world’s largest international handball tournament for youth. The event takes place in Gothenburg every summer. Coincidentally, that is also the home base of our customer Stavdal. When we heard that Brenthe, the daughter of one of our employees, was participating in the event, we decided to sponsor the team together with Stavdal. 

The Partille Cup can show off some pretty impressive statistics. With 21,000 participants (1,100 teams) from 43 countries, this is a huge event by any definition which also attracts a lot of spectators.

We hope that participating in this tournament was an unforgettable experience for Brenthe and the rest of the team!